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What is a Cell Group?

A cell group is…
Group of people (5-12)
Meeting Regularly (2 times/month) for 1½ hours
Meeting anytime during the week (Sunday to Saturday)
Worshipping, growing spiritually, with Evangelistic Outreach
Having a ‘multiplication’ goal
enlisting members for cell groups

All Cell groups begin with a core of people who are church members or regular attendees of church. This core, including leaders, could be as few as four people, and could be a maximum of eight. The core will consist chiefly of people who live in the same geographical area. The members of the Cell group core will be enlisted in one of three ways:

o   Those in a geographic area who have signed up for a Cell group. 

o   Those in a leader’s oikos who the leader already knows and desires to enlist.

o   Names given to the leader by the Cell Shepherd and jointly enlisted.

The core members will agree to:
o   Attend the group regularly

o   Invite oikos members to the group

o   Take a responsibility within the group

o   Receive more training

o   Adopt a mindset of multiplication

Cell may be aligned based on:
o   Age groups

o   Geographical area

o   Professions

o   Common interests such as single adults, language, youth, etc.

o   Availability/Schedules

Seven purposes of a cell group

1.   To grow in ongoing intimacy with the lord

2.   To evangelize by word and lifestyle, especially by inviting people to join the group

3.   To grow to a point of multiplication

4.   To give and receive support

5.   To inspire members to prepare for leadership in the future

6.   To be involved in parish ministry according to our gifts

7.   To deepen our catholic identity

did you know?

The first cell group consisted of the 12 Apostles!

Who can lead a cell group?

the answer is: anyone can lead a cell group.

A cell leader is someone who has ‘caught the vision’ of what cells are all about. “The church exists to evangelize”, as St. John Paul said, and so the mini church, the cell, evangelizes too and then eventually multiplies a new cell.  This is the vision of cells.  This is the vision that the cell leader must embrace.

A cell leader does not need a degree in theology.  Some of the most effective cells in the life of a parish are led, not by the highly educated, but by the willing.

A cell leader is a servant, following in the footsteps of Christ when he said, “I come to serve, not to be served”.  A cell leader is available to his cell members and stays in touch with them by phone. A cell leader prays often for the cell members.

A cell leader does not have to have all the answers.  A cell leader need only be resourceful enough to find out the correct answers.  A phone call or note to the cell shepherd, deacon, or pastor will accomplish this.

A cell leader is an ‘encourager’ and is the key in motivating others to take on leadership.  A cell leader delegates cell duties and makes others feel comfortable doing the task.  The cell leader creates a climate of warm cordiality, friendship, and joy during the cell meeting.

A cell leader comes under authority; within the cell organism, that authority is the pastor.  Cell leaders are accountable to their cell shepherd and to the pastor for maintaining good order in the cell.

Parish Cell Groups

Sign-ups to join a cell group within our parish community.


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