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A parish cell is a faith group of 4 to 12 people, made up of family members, friends and neighbors who meet every two weeks in the informal setting of a home. The aim of the parish cell group is to foster within a parish a greater community spirit and an awareness of God in a more personal way through prayer, scripture reading, and discussion. In the cells, friendships are formed, and faith deepens.  People are awakened to the relevance of their faith in all that they do so that they can make a difference in the varying circumstances of each day.

Cells form a great network of groups within a parish that offers a welcome to all. Such a parish can be called a “community of communities.”

We will begin forming cells during the first week of Advent (December 3-9). If you would like to sign up to join a parish cell, please fill out the form below.

Parish Cell Groups

Sign-ups to join a cell group within our parish community.


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