What is the Rescue Project?


What is it?

Simply put, an experience of the gospel surrounded by food, conversation and prayer.

The Rescue Project seeks to proclaim the gospel in a compelling and attractive way over eight weeks in a small group format. This experience is imbued with beauty, authentic humanity, and accompaniment. 


The Rescue Project answers 4 main questions – 

  1. Why is there something rather than nothing? (Created)

  2. Why is everything so messed up? (Captured)

  3. What, if anything, has God done about it? (Rescued)

  4. And if God has done anything, how should I respond? (Respond)


Why Rescue?

We passionately believe that the most urgent task is the compelling proclamation of the gospel, one that not only shares it in an attractive – and concentrated – way, but that also offers people a way of seeing reality, and of making sense of the world, history, and life that is vastly different from the story our modern culture tells.

Until this happens, the Christian faith is often experienced as a mere set of rules and disciplines, and simply going to Church isn’t likely to lead a person to embark on the great adventure that is following Jesus and continuing His mission of the rescuing of this world. 

We don’t think most people have ever heard the gospel.

We can’t do this without you!

Who can be involved?

The Rescue Project is for anyone and everyone! It appeals to those who have been walking with Jesus for years, as well as those for whom Jesus is only a figure in ancient history.  The Rescue Project is ideal for use in parishes, homes, workplaces, bars, prisons, schools, dorms, and more. 

Oh, and by the way it’s free!



HOSTS ARE CRUCIAL IN BRINGING THE RESCUE PROJECT TO OLC! There are three main requirements of hosts:

  • Open your home (or another space) to a small group. We recommend 8-10 people in a small group.

  • Provide a meal for your small group. This can be a full dinner, appetizers/desserts, or if you are already an established group potluck style to share with each other, etc! Make sure your group is aware of your meal plans.

  • Facilitate discussion. Manuals and training materials are provided! Additional support is available when needed. 


You determine the day/time that works best for you to host – breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers/dessert.

If you have an existing group (bible study, prayer group, friend group), consider hosting them for The Rescue Project.



  • Join a small group. Availability will be determined by the amount of hosts. More information about joining a small group will come at a later date.

  • Spread the word to family and friends

  • Be a prayer partner. Pray for all those involved in the Rescue Project! We need YOU!

Help us bring The Rescue Project to OLC!
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