End of Year Giving | RIC Debt is Paid Off

We are so grateful for the generous end of year donations that are coming in. Please note that our RIC Debt has been paid off through an anonymous donor match program with parishioner contributions, and we are no longer in need of RIC Debt Donations.


The parish giving was so strong for this initiative that we were able to start a new Capital Improvement Fund


If you would still like to make an end of year donation, we invite you to consider our general offertory account, the Our Lady of Consolation Education Foundation, or the new Capital Improvement Fund. 


Donations brought in to the parish office by 4:00 PM this Friday and this Sunday’s offertory baskets will apply toward the 2022 tax year.


All donations that have come in for RIC Debt have been applied toward the debt. The donor matched funds complete the debt payoff and are being used to the start the new Capital Improvement Fund