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At our Town Hall meeting on March 14, Father George Nursey explained to our attending parishioners about the critical fixes and rejuvenation projects needed to be done on our church building. The construction, architectural, and management team reviewed the details and the timeline of the projects. There was also information given about the approximate cost and finances.

We will be keeping you in the loop on the latest work and costs. We want you to be aware of what is going on in different parts of the church and how this affects our community.

  • Week of April 28: The construction crew will be setting up their space and materials on the south front corner of the field parking lot. This will not affect the traffic of parishioners coming in and out for weekend Masses. As they begin to demolish the bell walls and trellis, the chapel parking spaces and entrance will be closed off. Congregants attending daily Mass are asked to enter and exit through the main church doors, beginning April 30.
  • Week of May 5: After a short delay, the crew has set up their space and are working to begin the demolition of the bell walls and trellis. The chapel parking space, and music room/sacristy parking space, are closed off. The corresponding entrances are closed off as well. Congregants attending daily Mass must enter and exit through the main church doors. Sacristans and those in our music ministry must likewise use the main church doors.