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The Michigan Supreme Court ordered the placement of Proposal 3 (formerly known as “Reproductive Freedom for All”), an extreme pro-abortion amendment, onto the November ballot. Proposal 3 seeks the approval of the people of Michigan to permanently amend the State Constitution to include a so-called “right to abortion,” but it goes well beyond that.

Proposal 3 could:

  • Allow abortion up until birth
  • Allow minors to pursue abortions and sterilization without parental notification or consent
  • Exempt abortion facilities from safety regulations
  • Allow anyone to perform an abortion, even if they don’t have a medical license
  • Repeal or drastically alter dozens of state laws

Learn more about: What the constitutional amendment could do

Last week, we discussed how Proposal 3 (the “Reproductive Freedom for All” proposal) would amend Michigan’s Constitution to make abortion a fundamental right, contrary to the Catholic Church’s teaching that life must be protected from the moment of conception. We also learned that Proposal 3 goes much farther than merely codifying Roe v. Wade, invaliding more than two dozen Michigan pro-life laws and authorizing minors to obtain abortions without a parent’s consent or even notice. But there’s more. Proposal 3 defines “reproductive freedom” in a breathtakingly broad manner, to include “sterilization.” And again, because Proposal 3 grants this right to “every individual,” without age limits, that means the proposal, on its face, authorizes a minor to obtain a sterilization without parental consent or even notice, such as when a minor desires to change his or her gender. In addition, Proposal 3 authorizes every possible kind of abortion procedure, defining “reproductive freedom” to include “abortion care.” Such language authorizes gruesome procedures like partial-birth abortion, where a child is partially delivered before an abortionist takes the baby’s life. No matter how a voter feels about abortion, Michigan’s Constitution should not be amended to strip parents of their right to be consulted before a minor child makes the serious decision to undergo a sterilization procedure, nor should the Constitution authorize partial-birth abortions. Please tell everyone you know: vote “NO” on Proposal 3 on November 8th.


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